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About Me

My name is Susanne Langré and I have been drawing all my life but in the latest 20 years even put some colours at my papers, mostly in aquarell.

I decided to quit my job when I was 45 and live my dream, to be an artist.

At that time I had already found my favourite objects: Happy ladies in their best age!

Theese ladies don´t always do what is expected of them.

And they like, as well as me, to have a good laugh now and then.

My message is: Happiness and Childishness don´t have any agelimit.


12 jan-6 febr Preemraff Lysekil (sluten)
3-5 april Påsköppen ateljé´Rönnäng, premiär
11-30 april Mitt i centrum, Götabergsg. Göteborg
12-19 juni "Systerskapat" Verners magasin, Skärhamn
Utställning hela sommaren Restaurangen på Lilla Brattön September - separatutställning, Hogia

TV/radio-huset Gbg februari
Konstrunda Konstriket Påskhelgen
G:a kraftstationen Deje maj-juli
Verners magasin, Särhamn. ”Systerskapat” med min syster 31/6-6/7
Augusti Lysekils konsthall